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Mike O'Sullivan Marketing Writer

Why You?
Why Me?



Why You?

Sales & marketing managers...

...and all of you responsible for selling complex product and service offerings.

You know why your markets should be interested. But translating that into portable salespeople requires precision. Thinking and rethinking.

So you hire a specialist. Someone equally committed to writing sales & marketing materials that help you:

  • Decrease selling costs.
    (Whether it's by: Getting your sales organization and/or channel partners engaged and up to speed more quickly; Helping them spend their expensive time where most needed; Shaving off even a few weeks from a sales cycle... )
  • Achieve the most favorable pricing.
  • Sustain the most favorable pricing!

Someone like me.

Agency professionals...

...and all of you who help B2B companies accomplish everything above.

You sell or want to sell copywriting services. But you don't want to keep extra copywriters on staff.

So you need someone you can plug into your team. Someone who will help you delight your clients that much more.

Someone like me.


The Business Marketing Institute (BMI) features Mike as guest expert.
(July 2007)